Kraft Bags for Crafty People

I got these bags for review and I am so pleased that I did!  They’re perfect for my home bakery business!  I like that they are a neutral white.  I like that they’re paper.  They’re durable with twisted paper handles.

I’m most excited at how affordable they are.  I spend $.50/each when I buy them individually at the store.  When I order them this way they’re $.30/each!  That’s almost half the price!


Hero Watercolor Pencils

These pencils are so pretty! I love the professional tin that they come in. It’s good for keeping them organized and from getting broken. It also comes with a brush that you can use, but the brush is not the best quality. The colors are super gorgeous and they work just like they should for watercolor pencils. It’s a great way to “paint” if you’re not that good at painting because you can really just draw what you want on the page!


I hope you liked this review and found it helpful. I had the opportunity to purchase this product at a discount or for free in return for my honest and unbiased opinion. I am under no obligation to provide a positive review and I receive no incentives or rewards. This item was used and tested before I reviewed it. My comments are sincere and are my own opinion!

I received this seat cushion from ChiroDoc USA who was nice enough to send this wonderful item as a sample to test and review.

This thing is better than I expected. I put it to the test while I was decorating four dozen cookies. This is the first time in years that I didn’t suffer from near-crippling back pain after sitting for several hours. I am in love with a pillow!

This ChiroDoc orthopedic cushion will be the most used pillow in my house (and car)! I am also pleased to see that this pillow has a machine washable cover. Just unzip, remove the memory foam cushion, zip the cover back up and toss the breathable mesh cover into the laundry. No fuss!

Best of all, this cushion cover is designed to breathe and keep your bum cool while in use. This is a big plus in Texas because our summers here are approximately 11 months long. Hot, hotter and then hot again! So it’s nice to have this pillow that will help circulate air for somekind of tush-ventilation.

Time will of course tell, but so far I am very pleased with this ChiroDoc cushion.

Put Stickers On ALL THE THINGS!!!


So… If you’re from the south, then you know all about putting a monogram on EVERYTHING you own! That’s where these vinyl craft sheets come in handy! Well, that and the latest Cricut cartridges!

These sheets are self adhesive, durable and come in beautiful, bold and bright colors! These sheets are 6×12 which is the perfect size for a project. You get 35 unique colors in this particular set. I cannot wait to start monogramming everything from my favorite water bottle to my photo albums! I will probably even monogram my car window!

I received this set of vinyl craft sheets a steep discount, but all opinions here are honest and belong to me!