Nubuck Suede Looks Brand-NU

I’ve needed this brush for a LONG time…I may have even waited too long to get it. I have a Nubuck Suede Coach purse and it has definitely seen better days. I was hoping that this brush would make a difference in the appearance of it so that I could carry it again without being embarassed.

The brush is easy to use. You just brush the leather you’re wanting to clean and it takes away the dirt and grime. I like that the rest of the brush helps restore the leather into it’s pebbled appearance. I have seen some changes in the purse since I started trying to clean it. I have to say that for this item I will be cleaning it for a while before it is ready to carry again…that’s my own fault because I waited so long to start fixing the problem.


I got this brush for free in exchange for this review. I am not paid or rewarded for a good review though and all statements made here are my own honest and unbiased opinion.


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