Whether you are making a daily commute or cross-country drive, this awesome camera will capture it all!

This itty-bitty camera packs a ton of features! From full 1080p HD (whatever. The hell that means), to loop recording, you can record and download your daily events.

The loop recording is helpful for anyone who isn’t interested in making a video diary of their drive, but instead capturing just a few minutes of footage just incase the worst happens or you may catch something cool like a falling star!

The day-time recording is fantastic! I wish the “night-vision” was a bit better, but it works in a pinch! Besides, for the cost of this camera, you really get a plethora of functions!

I really like that the camera has an internal batter. You can charge and run it wirelessly, so if that is something that interests you on a regular basis, I would not leave it charging all the time, otherwise the battery will be rendered useless due to over-charging.

I’m very impressed with the image quality of this tiny camera. I can place it right behind my rear-view mirror so it is mostly out of sight. The camera still captures EVERYTHING with its super wide angle lens. I immediately thought this would be great for an Uber or Lyft driver because of its economical pricing and high-end performance!

I love this thing and that says a lot coming from a technophile like myself!

*****FIVE STARS*****

I received this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review. The opinions stated are based on my own experiences.


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