Charge Me Up!

So health and fitness are two things that should be automatic in daily life. Easier said than done, right?

Hopefully, this armban

d that not only keeps my phone in a safe place and out of my pocket will streamline some of this health and fitness stuff! This Sports Armband from CTA Digital is a phone holder, key and cash hider AND bonus, it also includes a super slim long-lasting battery pack to keep my music playing as long as I want to stay out! And when I’m not using the armband, I can remove the portable battery pack and carry it in my purse! It really is super lightweight and thin!

The armband itself is great because after I attached a piece of EMF-shielding cloth to the inside of it, it’s like a little carry-all for my arm. I can put my car key, cash, ID and phone inside. Now my pockets are not clunky with a bunch of junk! Love it!

I also love that it comes with an adapter for my iPhone. This means that it will charge any iPhone or Android device without additional cables! Nice, touch CTA Digital!

Thanks to CTA Digital for sending this item to me free to review! It will be put to great use (Mostly the battery pack)!


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