Dogs are so Awesome!

What did we ever do to deserve dogs?  I wonder this daily as I snuggle and love my little pomeranian.  He’s my favorite over some of the actual humans that I deal with daily!

I’ve always used crappy bowls to feed my pooch, but then I got the opportunity to try these out and review them!!  These bowls are pretty awesome.  I like that they’re low profile so he can get to the food without having to jump up.  The non-slip bottom is also great so that they don’t go sliding all over the kitchen!

The stainless steel is nice so that there’s no unwanted chemicals being fed to my dog!  I’m really committed to going green and being healthy.

I like that it also came with this cute, collapsible, silicone dog bowl.  It’s perfect for water stops on our long walks!

This is a great set for yourself or to get as a gift for someone who is a dog lover!

I received this item for free in exchange for this review.  I am not paid or rewarded for a good review though and all statements made here are my own unbiased and honest opinion after using the product!


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