Best Baby Gift Ever

So this doesn’t really have much to do with health, health anxiety, or stuff like that….but I had to share this amazing baby gift that I just got for a friend!

When my kids were little we didn’t have something like this.  We would put a blanket over the baby carrier and then hope that it didn’t fall on our baby’s face and suffocate them.  Now there are all these adorable car seat covers and they’re super awesome.  They’re made of stretch jersey material and they stretch right over the car seat.  So there’s nothing you have to worry about falling into your baby’s face.  It keeps strangers from coming over and wanting to touch your little babe…a must during cold and flu season!

As if covering up the car seat wasn’t enough this little cover does a lot more.  It can be used as a nursing cover, high chair cover, and also in shopping carts at the store!  Wha!!  That’s so COOL!


This set also came with 3 really cute bandana bibs that are all the rage right now in baby bib fashion!

I’m just so stinkin excited to give this to my friend because I just know that she is going to love it!  Heck…I don’t even have a baby and I love it!

I did receive this item for free in exchange for this review.  I am not paid or rewarded for a good review though and everything stated here is my own honest and unbiased opinion after thoroughly using and testing the product.


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