Do More With Remo MORE!

I think it’s crazy that kids have so much connectivity these days. Am I alone on this? When I was 10, the most “screen-time” that I got was watching my brother and his friends play Nintendo.

So when my kids started asking for iPhones and iPads I was hesitant because I didn’t get my first cellphone until I was in college. There are sooooo many inappropriate things that kids can venture into online. But oh how times have changed…

That’s why I have subscribed to Remo MORE. From this central command, I call it “JohnCenCom,” I can keep up with my family’s smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.

There is no reason to handle the other devices. After the initial setup , all you need is email addresses and to install the Remo MORE app on each device. Follow the simple, foolproof setup instructions to link that device and you’re done!

This is NOT spyware! This is Family Monitoring at it’s finest! That and so much more!

Here is what Remo MORE can do:
* Locate Family and Devices

  • See real time location of your family members
    Track down lost or stolen device on the map
    Play alarm to find a misplaced device
    Remotely lock down a stolen device
    Launching soon – Pet trackers

* Keep Kids Safe Online

  • Time lock applications on your kid’s device
    Block websites having inappropriate content
    Know about recently installed/removed apps
    Get activity reports on your kid’s device usage
    Lock down kid’s device completely

* Keep Your Devices Fit

  • Keep all the smart devices at your home fit
    Boost up device performance and speed
    Clean junk and manage device memory
    Remotely maintain devices from anywhere

* Stay Informed on Family Health

  • Connect your health bands and fitness apps
    Monitor your entire family’s health at one place
    Track health vitals of family members
    Get health alerts for each of your family member

* Monitor and Stay Informed

  • Know Device Usage
    Receive Important Alerts
    Recently Installed Apps
    Recently Removed Apps
    Policy Breaches Prevented
    Device Health Status
    Monitor Family Health

I really like this software because it is super easy to use crazy versatile! There is no software to install on your computer, eliminating the concern for viruses, processing power or even disk space. This is server-based. I love it!

This software and the mobile app are iOS and Android compatible. The app is free to download. No excuses now!

I can finally relax (somewhat) and focus on other things like this persistent cough that is more stubborn than my 11 year old!

I hope you liked this review and found it helpful. I had the opportunity to purchase this product at a discount or for free in return for my honest and unbiased opinion. I am under no obligation to provide a positive review and I receive no incentives or rewards. This item was used and tested before I reviewed it. My comments are sincere and are my own opinion!


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