Hooray for this headpiece!!! (by The Grass Is Dead!)

Pardon this interruption of “normal” blogging, but I have to bring you this special announcement momentarily and then I’ll return to regular blogging…

The Grass Is Dead here posting as a guest blogger. Check out my mostly sarcastic and sometimes funny point-of-view from somewhere over the fence!

I just wanted to share this awesome balaclava with The Healthy Hypochondriac since she is mostly about healthy-type stuff and I’m pretty sure there is a health benefit or two associated with this thing (surprise, they’re not just for crime sprees anymore).

I was really excited to receive this item in exchange for an honest, unbiased review! I have been waiting to purchase one for winter, but since Cozia Design sent this balaclava to me, I will be able to buy more tacos instead!

Upon receipt of this balaclava I was very impressed with the craftsmanship and materials used. I have purchased similar products in the past and was underwhelmed by the stitching and quality of materials overall. I have experienced everything from loose stitching to completely open seams where the stitches completely missed the line.

NOT the case here. It was obvious from the start that I was getting a quality product. Not only is the material soft, stretchy and comfortable, it is also breathable and provides valuable protection from harmful UV rays. The CoolMax® SPECIAL ENGINEERED POLYESTER FIBERS keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This material dries super fast thanks to its moisture wicking properties. Plus, think about how much money you’ll save in sun screen!

This balaclava also came packaged with a versatile headband that has more functions than the top row of your keyboard! It closely resembles those buffs that everyone wears on Survivor. It’s that awesome! Get your’s by clicking here!

Overall I am very impressed and plan to use this thing to it’s full potential for all outdoor activities including cycling in extreme weather. That’s my favorite!

Hope this review was helpful!



This item was sampled to me for testing and review purposes. I am under no obligation, financial or otherwise, to provide a positive review. All statements here are from my own experience and reflect my own honest and unbiased opinions.


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