This is not the post you’re looking for…

Ok, so I know this is supposed to be a health-related blog, but I am deviating momentarily to bring you this announcement:


I have started learning to edit videos. This is much easier with good lighting and I have found an awesome light (thanks to hubby)!

I have adopted this very bright and conveniently-portable flood light that can and will be mounted on a stand to help with back lighting while I record my cookie and cake decorating videos. This is exciting why? Well it probably isn’t for you, but I am excited because I have discovered LED lights and now I can apply this technology to my business which allows me breathe easy while I sit very close to it. I am not worried about anything harmful emitting from the light or an annoying buzzing sound that tends to give me a headache. I love this light and I will be getting more!

Because this light uses an LED bulb, it never gets hot and sips electricity. It is also cordless! That’s right, no cords running across the floor to stumble over. I have also consistently been able to get at least five hours of working time from each charge! This light is awesome!

So I guess in the end, it actually turns out that I have a reason to post about this on my blog… kinda.


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