Coolest Kid at Crossfit

I love summer!  I love swimming, and biking, and playing Pokemon Go with my kids!  I love sleeping late!

There are a few things that I don’t like…mosquitoes, sweating, swelling fingers…I try to workout, or at least be active, every day.  One of the things that I’ve found that was getting in my way recently was my wedding rings.  My fingers swell when I’m hot…and so they’re uncomfortable during the summer months.  Add to that being always on the go…and I had finally just quit wearing them all together.


When I saw these Fit Rings I was excited.  They look really cool in all the colors that they come in, and they seemed like a good alternative.  So my husband and I both got one.  We’ve been wearing them for about a week and I have to say that we LOVE them!  The best things about them are:

  • they’re lightweight and very comfortable.  we both usually forget that we are even wearing them
  • they are easy to clean if they get dirty.  this is a big plus for me since I’m a baker/decorator and often get food coloring and icing on my hands
  • they bend to anything you are holding so instead of metal bands cutting into your fingers these silicone bands just form around whatever is in your hand
  • we don’t have to worry about scratching or damaging our wedding rings
  • we don’t have to worry about injury because of the metal wedding rings
  • the company gives a portion of proceeds from certain bands to military, firefighters, and police charities

I think for someone who is really active these would be a great gift!  Or for someone who works in a job that wouldn’t allow them to wear a metal band such as electricians.  Because they’re so affordable too you could get several and match them to outfits!!  (Being cute is always a plus!)


I did receive these rings at a heavy discount in exchange for this review.  I am not paid for a good review though.  All opinions in this review are my own!  🙂


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