Bye Bye BPA!

As a hypochondriac I’m always looking for products that will help with little things that can trigger my anxiety.  One of my biggest triggers is chemicals that are put into our lives by manufacturers.  BPA has been an anxiety issue for a while now…and one I try to avoid as much as I can!  Not only do I not want to add it to my body…but I worry about my kids as well!


When I saw these glass straws I was intrigued.  I have switched to either glass or stainless steel on all of my drinking cups.  I changed all of my “tupperware” into the glass version.  I even got rid of all plastic mixing and prep bowls and only use glass or stainless steel for that as well.  But…one area that I had not really thought about as much was straws.  There just isn’t really a good selection of non-plastic straws to choose from.  I also like that not using plastic straws would be helpful for the environment!  It’s always a plus to help Mother Earth!!


My main concern before I got these straws was how fragile they would be.  It’s no good to switch to a BPA free straw if all you’re going to think about when you use them is that you’re sucking up glass shards with all of your delicious iced tea!  I also worried about cleaning them and making sure I could get anything stuck in them….out of them.  I love a good thick Shakeology shake, but don’t want to throw all my glass straws away because I can’t get gunk out of there.


When they came they were in a sleek black box.  There are 6 straws in this package and they come with a cleaning brush!  YAY!!  I immediately could see that they are very thick and sturdy.  No two straws are exactly the same and this gives them a handcrafted look and feel.


The first time I used the straws I was pleasantly surprised.  There’s no plastic flavor added to the drink.  They make a nice clinking noise in the glass too, which I liked.  Fluids travel up the straw easily with no issues.  The best part was not worrying about any harmful chemicals ending up in my body!


I think these straws are awesome!  I plan to order more.  I think they would make a great hostess gift, or even something for that person who has everything!  I think once someone used these they would love them!  Healthy Hypochondriac approved!!

I did receive these straws for free from Icosa Living in exchange for this review.  I am not paid for a good review, and all opinions in this post are my own.


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