Pillow Fight!

So being a hypochondriac I’m always worried about every little pain, ping, tickly or other sensation in my body.  I’m always on the lookout for things that make my life easier and more comfortable.  One of the worst parts of my day is waking up.  Usually I’m achy and pained and stiff…I could be just getting old…but of course my mind doesn’t see it that way!  I turn every little thing into something awful.

When I hear about an awesome pillow I usually get really excited!  I love the idea of waking up feeling refreshed and great!  So when I was asked to review this Organic toddler pillow I just jumped at the chance!  I did receive a heavy discount in exchange for my review, but I can tell you completely honestly and of my own opinion that THIS IS THE BEST PILLOW EVER!!

I received the pillow in the mail and I was immediately excited about it.  It’s super soft fabric feels great, and it’s not too stiff or too soft.  I hate to sound like Goldilocks…but this pillow is just right!  I love the size…sometimes I feel like standard pillows are just a tad too big and feel like my head is lifted too high.  This pillow is the perfect size to use under your head, between your knees, or even as a huggie pillow (you know the one you hug to you and lean on for comfort)!  As if all of that wasn’t enough, this pillow is also made in the good ol’ USA!  ‘Merica!

Everyone in my family has been fighting over this pillow since we got it…even Grandma!  She has bone spurs in her neck and she says this pillow gave her the best nights sleep since forever!  I will definitely be ordering more of these…one for everyone in the family…and an extra so I can have 2!!

Angel Direct actually thought y’all might like to try it out as well and gave me a 20% off coupon code if you order from amazon!  Here it is:  30TMSN15





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