Staying Safe While Getting Healthy

So one of my new favorite ways to exercise is cycling. I know what you’re thinking… NO! This was absolutely my first thought too! My husband can be very persuasive, though.

So I got a bike! I got a nice cushy comfort cruiser and I also got one of those helmets that make me look like I’m going fast (whether I am or not). I also got some safety lights. Because let’s be honest with ourselves, riding a bicycle with the blazing sun beating down is zero fun and quite frankly stressful!

So riding at night is way better because it’s cooler and also I will be a lot less likely to be seen if I happen to wind up wheels up. I prefer riding in low-light areas.

I was lucky enough to receive these awesome Bright Outdoors bike lights for test and review! So nice of them to send me lights that are waaaaay better than the dinky little lights that I was using.

So I immediately got excited about these lights when I realized that they were rechargeable! These lights are rechargeable with a micro USB cable which means that they can be plugged into just about any USB port and left to recharge! This is great news because I will not have to search for specialty batteries or unique cables that will just end up clogging my junk-drawer.

After unboxing and preliminary charging, I powered up the headlight! This thing is bright! It is bright, lightweight and compact! Have I mentioned it’s rechargeable! There are few things that get me more excited than convenience and safety, here are both!

This tiny little light is super bright and can be spotted from more than a mile away in broad daylight! Both lights are water-resistant and can be installed in seconds without tools! The headlight’s operation is obvious thanks to a red button on the top. The tail light’s power button is integrated into the lens! Simply press the red lens to power on the light, cycle through the flashing or steady modes and then to turn the light off. The tail light also recharges with a micro USB cable. After unscrewing the tail lamp from the housing, you will see a micro USB charging port. This manufacturer knows how to bundle convenience!

Overall, I am really impressed with these itty-bitty lights! They will help keep me safe on my journey to total health!


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