What are mala beads?

I’m at that point in my cycle of mental illness where I’m having a LOT of anxiety and finding it hard to come out of it.  I started taking medication again.  Which sucks.  But I have noticed some positive changes.  For one…I’m actually writing on this blog again.  I haven’t been able to bring myself to do that in a long time.  I haven’t really been able to bring myself to do much.  I breathe in and out, I bathe…sometimes, I’ve been doing my work….but it’s right there under the surface.  The anxiety is always threatening to come fully out and fuck everything up.

One thing that I’ve found a bit helpful has been meditation.  It sounds all hippy-dippy and bullshit…but it actually does help to get your mind to relax, calm down and your body to just breathe and be still.IMG_4499

I received an offer to review these mala beads in exchange for a heavy discount on them.  Full price they’re only $15 and I think that’s a great deal.  Mala beads are great for meditation.  There are exactly 108 beads on the necklace and in a similar fashion of a rosary I say a mantra that helps me when I’m feeling anxious and go through the beads repeating it.

This necklace is made from real Indian Agalwood.  The necIMG_4498klace is very light and can easily be wound around your wrist several times to wear as a bracelet…which is what I’ve done.  The cord is stretchy so it gives a little and the knot that ties it off is just beautiful.

I’m hoping that with continued medication and the help with these beautiful beads that I’ll see a dip in anxiety soon.