Another tool for fitness

I’ve been doing a Beachbody workout program for about a year now! I love the programs that they offer, and have been successful at becoming more fit using them!! I recently joined Planet Fitness though, and I LOVE adding this to my daily Beachbody workout!
Lately on Facebook Planet Fitness has taken a lot of heat because they’re different than other gyms. They offer pizza on the first Monday, bagels on the second Tuesday, there are tootsie rolls by the front, and they have a “no egos” policy.  
As someone who isn’t super buff and is just beginning to get comfortable in a workout environment…I have to say I love this. I feel very comfortable in this gym. There’s no pressure to look a certain way and there’s a “come as you are” attitude. It’s very welcoming. And if you’re a die hard dieter and fitness guru…NO ONE is going to force feed you pizza or bagels or candy! Just don’t go during the times they offer those things…or if you do then just say no to them.    
For someone who struggles daily with Hypochondria, it can be hard sometimes to be alone. Even in a room full of people I can feel lonely…so staying shut in my house can make it even worse. Leaving every day to go to the gym has been a HUGE help with this! I’ve been using the library for the same reason…but now the gym kills two birds with one stone! I’m out and around people, AND I’m getting fit!
Let me just say that this place is clean! It doesn’t have a sweaty gym smell! The machines, floors, and everything is always so clean! There are always several employees walking around and they’re just cleaning the equipment. I love that I don’t worry about getting on a machine that may be covered in someone else’s sweat!
There are tons of machines! This place is huge and there are so many workout machines that I’ve never had a problem with waiting! 
One thing I wasn’t expecting, but was pleasantly surprised by, is the circuit training room and free training classes! The circuit training room is set up with red and green lights so that you get a great full body workout done in just 30 minutes! It’s easy to jump in and there are plenty of signs to show you what to do! But if you want a real person to show you around they have that too…for FREE!! There are classes all day long for every area of your body (chest, legs, abs, etc) and a trainer will take you through the weights and show you which machines to workout with and how to use them to target those spots! 
Finally, who wouldn’t love a massage after a tough workout?!?!? I love the hydro massage beds and massage chairs! These are included in the membership and I can use them as many times a day as I want to!! Talk about a treat after your workout!!