Pay NOW, or pay LATER!

Why Shakeology? Why pay $130 a month for a protein shake?!?!? I’ll tell you why!

My main goal in changing to a healthier lifestyle to BE MORE HEALTHY! That means whole foods, clean eating, and to stop putting garbage in my body. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done! Seriously!

I’ve tried forever to “get healthy”. I would count calories, cut out sweets, eat low-fat and low-cal foods. What I didn’t know then was that those things really don’t work. You can’t just look at calories, or fat… have to check the INGREDIENTS!!  

Did you know there’s over 40 ways for manufacturers to hide sugar in something? Did you know that enriched, bleached ingredients basically have all the nutrients stripped out of them?

So when it came to drinking a meal-replacement shake….I did some research. I’m a bargain hunter, and skeptical by nature. I started the Beachbody program blindly…but quickly decided I needed to dig more for facts to back up the claims.

Shakeology is packed with whole, superfoods! It contains ZERO artificial ingredients! NONE! No dyes, sweeteners….nothing fake!  

Some of my favorite ingredients are:
Maca Root — This is an all natural PMS aid ladies! It boosts energy and also balances hormones!
Sacha Inchi — This helps your heart and balances your cholesterol.
Chlorella — This mighty ingredient helps remove toxic heavy metals from your body and also boosts your metabolism!

These are just 3 of the amazing ingredients that I drink everyday!! I’ve seen my skin clear up, my energy sky-rocket, and my hunger and cravings are curbed. The best benefit though is that I’m losing weight!  

The cost to me now to drink Shakeology and better my health is NOTHING compared to what I would pay later in medical bills if I hadn’t taken control NOW! I was on the road to heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and who knows what else!

So yes, the shakes may seem like an expensive luxury…but for me they are a necessity!  



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