I eat COLORies not CALORies!

Over the last 10 months I’ve asked myself several times why the 21 Day Fix program has worked for me when so many others have NOT!  I think I finally know why…and it’s HUGE!

The 21 Day Fix is unique in many ways from other programs, but the one I think is worth mentioning here is the color coded portioning containers!

Autumn Calabrese designed this program to be FAIL-proof…and it totally is if you do it correctly.  The first thing you have to do is determine how many calories you are supposed to eat daily.  I’ve tried dozens of diets that made me count calories.  I’ve never been good at determining how many calories are in certain foods, how many I’m supposed to be able to have, and then also keeping up with what I’ve eaten and what I still have available to eat.

The 21 Day Fix comes with 7 color coded containers that take the work out of it!  You have a container for protein, vegetables, fruit, carbs, nuts, fats, and then you also get teaspoons of certain oils and things as well.

Once I was able to determine with the provided chart how many calories I’m supposed to eat every day I go to the chart she provides as well and it tells me how many of each container to eat daily.  THAT’S IT!  I do NOT count how many calories I eat every day.  I do make sure that I stay within the number of containers though.  For example, I am allowed 4 red protein containers every day.  As long as I don’t go over that number, and I’m filling it with healthy proteins four times a day, I will not eat too many calories from protein!

It almost seems to simple to be true…but it’s totally NOT!  I count my COLORies every day…and the weight is dropping off!

Recently Autumn released a cookbook called Fixate.  It’s full of recipes that are 21 Day Fix approved and she even tells me how many containers and which color containers each recipe uses!  It’s been a HUGE help in my kitchen for mixing up meals and sticking to my containers!

You are always welcome to learn more or join the fun by contacting me for more information!

xoxo Jamie



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