No turning back NOW!

When I decided to take control of my diet and health I honestly had no clue where to start!  I didn’t know what was healthy and what wasn’t.  I didn’t know how to count calories.  I didn’t know how many calories I needed, how many calories are in foods or how much of those foods I should be eating…I didn’t know anything!

If you paid attention to my last post; I was just sitting on my couch reading another woman’s success story on her fitness blog and hating myself, when I had the epiphany that I needed to make a change. So I studied, in depth, all the various fitness programs and workout plans and I picked the very best, easiest one!!  The End.  YEAH RIGHT!  LOL!  I was just testing you to see if you actually read my previous post! I didn’t know what I was doing, remember?!?!

Actually I was sitting there thinking of what I could do. I had already tried everything before. I remembered a friend posting about the 21 Day Fix.  She was already thin and beautiful, but I didn’t hold that against her.  In truth, she worked hard for her body.  I know this because she was posting nearly naked pictures of herself all the time on Facebook.  I would usually scroll past, whispering to myself “skinny bitch,” but not this night.  I found her and started a conversation about what I wanted.  I am so glad I did this because everything was about to change for the better, I just didn’t know it yet!!  That friend turned out to be a God-send in my life…a prayer answered!

My main concern at first was whether or not I would be able to do the workouts. I had gotten so overweight that I worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish them before getting discouraged and giving up. She assured me that nothing was “set in stone” and there were modifications for everything.

My next attempt to talk myself out of this:  I assumed that I would be hungry all the time.  She said definitely not because this program is all about eating healthy, whole foods that fill you up!  After much deliberation and self-convincing, I bought the program and texted her “NO TURNING BACK NOW!” I can’t believe how much my life changed after that!

So what works for me?  Here’s the program.  I drink one super-food packed, protein shake every day.  I can have it any time of the day, but I usually prefer lunch.  I also do an in-home, 30 minute workout every day!  They are hard and really push me…but I CAN do them!  I do NOT count calories, but instead use color coded food portioning containers to measure my food.  The eating guide that comes with the program tells me how many servings of each container to eat daily.  It also explains which foods go in each one!  THAT’S IT!

In the first week I lost 6 pounds. Let me reiterate, SIX POUNDS people!  And from there the ball was rolling!  I was so excited to get on the scale every day to see the changes!  Then I started noticing changes in my body, my mood, my attitude.  My clothes got smaller! Not due to shrinking in the wash, either! People were saying how happy I seemed and started noticing that my body was getting smaller! I want to express this feeling… I LOVED every day!  And nothing has changed.  I still feel the same way!  I just started the program again after falling off the wagon during the summer and right after school started and through the holidays…yeah I know…I took too much time off.  The good news is I didn’t gain any weight…a good sign for when I reach my goal weight.

I can honestly say that Beachbody, Shakeology, and the 21 Day Fix saved my life.  This isn’t some fad, crash, gimmicky, CRAP diet.  It’s a true lifestyle change and education on what we should be fueling our bodies with.  It’s the best!  And I can’t wait to see what I’m able to do with it this year!

xoxo Jamie




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